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Creative Photography company, The Studio, is a wonderful example of how, when 2 talented and enthusiastic entrepreneurs put their heads together as partners, they can create a successful business. Co-founder Daniel Peters has an interesting background. Originally trained as a chef, he has served such prestigious guests as the Queen and Queen Mother, and also worked at the Royal Wedding of Prince Edward and Sophie, Countess of Wessex.  The lifestyle of the chef with long hours and lack of monetary reward, soon drove Daniel to switch careers and he began working for a training company while setting up his own Mobile Bar business complete with photographer and DJ. Branching out like this brought new connections and opportunities whereby Daniel met professional photographer John Potts and the pair started The Studio together. Thy have just celebrated 10 happy years of trading in Herne Bay.

Daniel’s inspiration for running his own business comes from his mum and dad who decided to set up a business 32 years ago with just a rotten old van, £200 of equipment and a lot of grit determination. The pair worked 6 days a week for the first few years and now run a hugely successful commercial vehicle repair company with over 30 engineers and 6 office staff. Observing how this heady mix of hard work, commercial savvy and luck created a profitable business made Daniel think, “I can do that!” Interestingly the idea initially was to open the business in Daniel’s home town of Faversham. Delays led to the partners deciding to look elsewhere and they based their search on some advice Daniel had once heard that you should “set up in a town where there are a lot of banks and that tends to be where you can find people with money”.  Sittingbourne was dominated by a competitor, Canterbury and Whitstable were too expensive, but luckily, Herne Bay offered everything they needed in terms of location, price and clientele.

In addition to Daniel’s outgoing entrepreneurial spirit and John’s experience managing 13 photographers on a Cruise Ship, what makes The Studio unique? Well their main USP is that they produce as much as possible in-house where they can keep a close eye on quality and keep cost to a minimum. In the interests of quality they also source locally and have a close relationship with all their suppliers.  The result is that they are constantly busy, which can only be a good thing in business! Other things that set them apart are the same day and while you wait services they offer and their fun, informal and professional approach. Competitive prices are a further draw for customers. For the first 2 years the partners didn’t take a penny. However, by ensuring quality in every customer interaction and implementing a growth strategy that sees them frequently add new services, they now have a loyal customer base and are reaping the financial benefits of all their hard work. The great customer experience they have created means that The Studio are so frequently recommended by word of mouth, they don’t need to pay for advertising.

For Daniel, a major highlight of running the business include taking, printing and framing images for, and several appearances on, the BBC TV programme “DIY SOS – The Big Build. On a more daily basis  simply seeing the look on the face of a satisfied customer makes him happy, particularly, he says, “when we have fixed their most treasured memory with our photo restoration service”

The Studio is a great business with 2 delightful owners and one of the best customer experiences in town, so, if you need a photographer or restoration, graphic design, reproduction of art and printing services, make sure you drop by and see why it’s so popular with the local community.

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