Why Easel Media’s Mantra is “Innovation with Communication”

easel media

Based in the Bay

Easel Media is a family-run branding agency that specialises in designing and building a strong online presence for their clients through services such as web and graphic design, PR and social media management. The agency was launched in Herne Bay in February 2017 and is participating in Canterbury City Council’s Buy in the Bay project, helping businesses encourage the local community and tourists to shop local. Easel Media has also had support from the Council’s GrowMyBiz and StartMyBiz projects, receiving free marketing and grant funding advice and being introduced to a good accountant.

As Director Lucie so eloquently puts it, “Herne Bay is definitely an up and coming area, with new, innovative businesses popping up more and more frequently and we wanted to be a part of that and contribute to the local community”.

Challenge or Opportunity?

Lucie says that the start-up already has an impressive portfolio of clients, as several of the team worked as freelancers prior to going into business together, and the quality of their work won them client loyalty when they started Easel Media.

In true entrepreneurial spirit, Easel Media was born when the 2 founding members found themselves in a potentially bad situation and decided to turn it into a great opportunity. “There had been talk of starting up on our own for a while” Lucy says, “we knew we had the skills to become a full stack agency, which Herne Bay really needed, but we were reluctant to give up our steady incomes and step in to the unknown. Then suddenly the two founding members were simultaneously made redundant from their jobs. Although it seemed unfortunate at first, it was a blessing in disguise, as it was the push we needed to start our own business”.

Constant Communication

Easel Media’s unique selling point is their commitment to provide excellent customer service based on an ethos of “constant communication”. The idea is to create an ongoing, two-way conversation between the agency and the client, so that the resultant online presence truly reflects the client’s brand. In Lucy’s experience, proper communication can sometimes slip through the net in the design world as creativity and vision take over. Coming from a customer-facing background, Lucie says the team wanted to make sure Easel Media addressed this and liaised with their clients every step of the way for a better end result.

Get a Discount for Your Brand

Easel Media are currently offering a 10% discount to businesses with a CT6 post code, so if you would like to improve your online branding contact the team at https://easelmedia.co.uk or on Twitter @easelmediauk or on Facebook.

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