You’ll Be Feeling Good from Head to Toe with Gardenia Lingerie (Local Business)

Gardenia Lingerie

Experts say if you want to create a successful business then you should think about a problem that you encounter every day, devise a solution and build your products and services around that. This is exactly how Pauline Hughes approached her entrepreneurial journey. Tired from years of searching for beautiful underwear that fits properly, Pauline took matters into her own hands and opened Gardenia Lingerie in Herne Bay in December 2015.

The business concept is a friendly space with a feminine feel where women can be relaxed while being fitted for the right size and style for every occasion. Pauline has lived in Herne Bay for 14 years but was working in London and commuting daily, so ironically didn’t realise what a great place it is to live and work until she decided to open the lingerie shop!

The beauty of Gardenia Lingerie is that it is the only independently run lingerie shop in Herne Bay and, as a lover of gorgeous undergarments Pauline is able to offer a truly personal service to all her customers. However, Gardenia is so much more than a lingerie shop where women can go to feel pampered, Pauline is also a qualified Care Consultant and specialises in post-operative lingerie and breast form fittings for women who have undergone a mastectomy.

As so few places offer this as a primary service, there was very little information or support for women about how they can adapt to their new circumstances and feel body confident and able to dress in their favourite clothes post-surgery. The service that Pauline offers is vital for helping to restore confidence and providing practical help and advice that enables women to get back to feeling normal at work and in social environments. Pauline spotted a genuine need in the market place and is now generating regular referrals from local hospitals and GP surgeries.

The post-operative care line of business is thriving to such a degree that Pauline moved to larger premises in August to expand in this area. She cleverly chose somewhere that also enables future growth without the need to move again, as there is sufficient space to add on a second consultation and changing room. This sort of growth strategy is the kind of great planning that really sets a business on the path to success.

Gardenia’s lovely lingerie is sourced both locally from a lady who makes French knickers and cami sets, and internationally from Belgium and Germany. The variety and quality of the stock, the great customer service and the post-operative care means that customers travel from 30 miles away to shop at Gardenia Lingerie and bring their friends and family to the shop whenever they come to visit. To keep up to date with Gardenia’s special offers you can follow the shop on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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