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Fly Free with FreeFly VR’s Mobile Gaming Headset!


Immersive Experiences

Inspired by his father’s entrepreneurial spirit and by being raised in an environment with great work-life balance, Mark Little started FreeFly VR in October 2013. The business enables customers to connect their mobile phone to the FreeFly VR headset to take sports, gaming, education and horror into a whole new level of immersive experience. It opens the door to hundreds of compatible experiences available on both iTunes and Google Play where you can share new realities with other virtual reality enthusiasts. Mark says the headset has full blackout casing and headphone access and can be used with apps like vTime, enabling you to meet, chat and interact with your friends and meet new people, in fabulous locations under the sea or, for example, in virtual Tuscany! It’s simple to set up with the GLIDE controller and is regularly updated with all the best GLIDE experiences.

Networking & Integrating

FreeFly VR is currently situated in London, but Mark is shortly moving the business to Birchington. In order to help him integrate with the Kent business community ahead of the move, Mark decided to attend the StartMyBiz and GrowMyBiz Kent UNconference this year. He says of the event “it was a great day for our growing business as we were able to meet face to face with our Kent partners, such as AM Marketing who run our Google Marketing and RIFT Accounting who we work with for our accountancy and R&D tax credit requirements. I also loved the talks by local business people and found some really inspiring, particularly the workshop led by Bradley from AM Marketing.”

Achieving Business Goals

As an entrepreneur, what Mark has found most fulfilling is building his team of employees. He delights in watching them innovate and explore the market to produce increasingly better products that have exceeded both his and his customers’ expectations. To help propel his team to success, Mark sets web traffic and sales targets so everyone knows exactly what they need to do to grow the business.  His client base is currently 55% in the USA, 20% in the UK and 25% around the globe.  You can find out more about FreeFly VR via the website www.freeflyvr.com and on Twitter @freeflyvr. Mark also offers customers a “Club Class” membership option through which they get notifications of upcoming Virtual Reality shows and new experiences.

Entrepreneurial Advice

Mark’s excellent advice to other entrepreneurs is, “Speak to other business owners and listen to their stories, they’ve already learned a lot and could help you avoid the mistakes they have made.”

So, if you have ever wondered about Virtual Reality or you are already a loyal VR gamer, watch out for new promotions and experiences on the FreeFly website and be prepared for new “realities” that will blow your mind!

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