Gorgeous Cocktails in a Glampervan? Don’t mind if we do!



The deliciously quirky brainchild of entrepreneur Nicola Casey, Parasol-up serves gorgeous cocktails from a vintage-styled VW Campervan called Lily, at events in and around Herne Bay.

She hit upon the idea of a unique mobile cocktail bar, bought a VW in early 2016, named it Lily after her late mother, refurbished it and 9 months later, Parasol-up was born. Nicola’s inspiration for Parasol-up came from her own entrepreneurial background and the fact that she has lived in Herne Bay for 38 years, loves the areas and knows all the local events. “Having worked for myself for a long time in my previous business, I didn’t even consider going to work for someone else. I wanted a new challenge and this has been really good fun!” she told us.

The Lovely Lily

Customers are drawn in by Lily’s beauty. AQ TV, speakers and cameras that look out on the crowd at events further add to her appeal. Nicola also attributes Parasol-up’s success to the fact that she only uses the best quality ingredients and never skimps on the cocktails and that her team are a friendly bunch and love socialising with existing customers and meeting new people.

An Entrepreneurial Spirit

An entrepreneur through and through, Nicola says what she loves most about running Parasol-up is being in control of and accountable for all the business decisions and the fact that life is one big, exciting learning curve. If you’re wondering if you should go into business, a good starting point is to ask yourself if you share Nicola’s go-getting determination and love of calculated risks and taking the lead.

Supporting Local Business

Parasol-up supports the local business community by sourcing their stock locally wherever possible.  A few of Nicola’s favourites are Anno Distillers, Nip From The Hip, Mighty Fine Things and Maiden Distillery. They also use a local supplier Page & Sons because she says, she can trust their excellent team to always deliver on time.  This great attitude to sourcing local is brilliantly aligned with the work Canterbury City Council are doing with the Buy in the Bay Project.

The Parasol-up cocktail repertoire is always developing and expanding as Nicola and her team create bespoke menus for every event. Last year they made a special punch for the Herne Bay Festival, then a mulled winter warmer for the Canterbury Christmas Market. They are currently working on a special menu for Broadstairs Dickens Festival and Nicola says they love rising to the challenge of creating bespoke wedding cocktail menus.

Get in Touch

If you’re a Herne Bay local with an allotment then get in touch with Nicola as she is currently looking for a local supplier to provide Parasol-up with the fruit they need for their gorgeous cocktails. And if you love a cocktail or three then look out for them at the next event on the Herne Bay calendar!

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