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A More Personal Approach

InHouse Legals, the brainchild of entrepreneur Vanessa Challess, offers a great alternative for people who require legal advice but don’t want to instruct a traditional law firm. The qualified non-practising lawyer offers a more personal and less formal approach to creating business contracts and solving HR and employment challenges. Vanessa began the consultancy while she was still employed as a solicitor. However 2 years ago, as the business took off, she made the decision to become a full-time entrepreneur.

What Clients Love About InHouse Legals

InHouse Legals provides the local community and beyond with better access to justice. They steer clear of complex legal jargon and offer fixed fees at competitive rates, so clients can manage their legal expenditure better. They also offer a “package” discount to clients who require more than one service at a time. If clients do find they need a practising lawyer, Vanessa says they have an extensive network of excellent barristers and solicitors that they can connect with. Clients, who come from all over Kent and the South East, love Vanessa’s practical, no-nonsense approach and are impressed by the fact that she understands first-hand the pressures that come with running a business and takes a commercial approach to creating a solution. The business is not subject to the regulatory constraints of a traditional law firm and Vanessa feels this enables her to serve her clients better. She has more freedom to explore all options and offer a firm opinion of what will work best and she says that her clients feel that InHouse Legals are “really in their corner”.

Client Acquisition

For Vanessa, the most rewarding aspect of running her own business is the great client feedback and the freedom to make decisions unencumbered by strict regulations and red tape. She finds that networking events and close relationships with other professionals, such as accountants, who are happy to make referrals, are the most effective way of acquiring new clients. She also uses social media to engage with her client base.

Legal Workshops

InHouse Legals’ clients will be enjoying the benefits of a new service shortly as Vanessa will be running workshops on terms and conditions, contracts and shareholder agreements. These will help empower her entrepreneur clientele to protect their businesses with the right documents, and really understand what those documents mean in practical terms.

Networking at Kent UNconference

Vanessa attended the popular Kent UNconference organised by StartMyBiz, GrowMyBiz and Rift Accounting. She told us, “I don’t have a lot of time to spend at conferences so I choose where and when to go very carefully.  I have a connection with Rift and decided to attend Kent UNconference as it sounded very different and more engaging than most conferences.  On the day I was able pick and  choose the workshops that would benefit me the most, listen to some really engaging speakers talk about how they started and grew their businesses and still have time to sit talking with other entrepreneurs.  I am still in touch with and meet up with people I met at the UNconference and we provide support to each and already refer work, so it was a very worthwhile experience for me both personally and professionally”

Get in Touch

If you run your own business and are looking for a refreshingly modern, friendly approach to solving your legal issues, InHouse Legals might just be the right fit for you, so get in touch with Vanessa and her team and take the mystery out of the legalities.


Twitter: @InHouse_Legals

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