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Your Living, Thriving Business

Natasha Sutton, Creative Director of marketing agency Split Second, describes her role in her clients‘ businesses as a “creative architect”. She works with them to design and implement business development and social media strategies that “make the difference between a clever idea on paper and a living, thriving business”.

Mentors & Inspiration

Entrepreneurial inspiration came from a wide variety of different sources for Natasha. Raised in a family who all love to think on their feet, and growing up in both the UK and Canada, she found her independence and self-belief at an early age.

Sir Richard Branson’s career has been a lifelong influence on her work ethos and business strategy and she was delighted when she eventually got to work with him on an event and experience his entrepreneurial genius face to face. Brief encounters with Dragon’s Den favourites James Khan, Deborah Meaden and Duncan Ballantyne, also fuelled her determination to succeed. As we often tell our members at GrowMyBiz and StartMyBiz, the world’s most successful entrepreneurs always have mentors.  Usually this means a combination of people who inspire them from afar, and others who they actively pursue a face to face relationship with, to share business ideas and get first hand advice.

The other secret to Natasha’s success, is her willing ness to get stuck in whether the job for the day is getting dressed up as an iPad to promote a client or taking photographs in a crowd of 85,000 people. Like all good entrepreneurs she embraces the challenge and relishes the variety in her working life.

Working with Local & International Brands

Things are going really well for Split Second. Working with one of the largest Apple Resellers in the UK lead to a campaign with Sonos, the agency was then entered into the Kent Digital Awards 2017 and currently Natasha has a professional video in the Sci-Fi by the Sea event alongside Bay Promo. Natasha is also really pleased that the Herne Bay Pier campaign she worked on has raised just over £5,000. Next up Natasha says she is keen to grow her team and get a permanent office space in the Canterbury District.

Rising to the Challenge

Natasha says the biggest challenges as an entrepreneur are finding and employing the right people to grow your business, and realising that agency work will never be a routine 9-5 job, which can be both a blessing and a bane. As she puts it in her quirky, upbeat way, “Find me someone who has got a perfect work-life balance and I will buy them a drink!”

StartMyBiz & GrowMyBiz

Following a couple of campaigns that involved local councillors and MPs, Natasha met Chris West from Canterbury City Council. This led to her becoming involved with the StartMyBiz and GrowMyBiz projects both as a member receiving support, and in her professional capacity, providing her expertise on some great business projects.

Entrepreneurial Advice

Natasha’s personal advice to up and coming entrepreneurs is, “Take your time to get everything in place, from creating your website to planning your social media and marketing strategies. Be patient in the preparation, be honest and always be yourself”. From an expert perspective her advice is, “Word of mouth is such a powerful tool, getting as many video testimonials is the best form of advertising and a great and quick way to gain trust and loyalty. Always think outside of the box, analyse and research what is going on in the world and the sectors you are targeting. Take a notebook and pen everywhere with you; ideas and advice can happen when you least expect it.”

You can contact Split Second events on Natasha@splitsecond.biz @Split2ndEvents Facebook @Splitsecondevents telephone 07806501802

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