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Whitehead Monckton

Whitehead Monckton

With any new business venture the initial excitement is followed by the need to get accurate and competent advice to ensure that your plans can be executed without any hitches. Whitehead Monckton, the Kent law firm, prides itself on having the ability to provide new business with all the advice and support they need. Established over 230 years ago, we’ve been involved in many new business enterprises and are delighted to be working with them as they have grown into established organisations.

All our lawyers in the commercial team have been working in the commercial environment for years and understand the challenges and opportunities new business ventures face.

It is particularly relevant to us as we are opening a new office in Canterbury and are therefore perfectly located to provide excellent service to local businesses.

Whitehead Monckton’s commercial department offers a wide range of services, focused on start-up businesses, which include:

1. Business transactions

Clear and simple advice on a complete range of company issues such as

– the incorporation of the business;

– terms and conditions of sale/supply

– website terms and conditions privacy policy whether you be a sole trader, partnership, Limited Liability Partnership or Limited Company.

2. Commercial property

Getting the right premises can be crucial to your success. Whether you are looking to buy, lease or take a licence of a small business office space or a commercial warehouse, we will act quickly and guide you through every stage of the transaction.

3. Debt recovery

Effective credit control is an essential ingredient for a new business and we can assist by recovering any outstanding debts. This leaves you to focus on the running of the business and not having to chase the ever-evading debtor.

4. Dispute resolution

Many business disputes will be disruptive, time consuming and potentially costly. Our team of experienced litigators provide a commercial approach to all business disputes and will always seek an early solution.

5. Employment

It’s true to say, a business is only as good as its employees and we can provide you with practical and commercial advice on all aspects of employment law. In particular, preparing terms of employment for all levels of employees to help minimise the risk of disputes arising but also to help deal with them should they arise.

For all of the above services, its important, to have a clear idea of how much its going to cost. Before we embark on any projects for our commercial clients, we are always very clear on what the work will cost and when fees need to be paid. Enabling businesses to budget and also if appropriate build accurate costs into their business plans and projections for funding purposes.

What we can offer

Our extensive commercial experience – built up by working closely with a wide range of business enterprises over many years. For any new company this can be a very valuable commodity.

We would encourage any new company to come and speak to one of our experts – to find out exactly what help and advice they need. Our Canterbury offices are perfectly located for this. This initial meeting will enable us match the right member of our business client team to the new enterprise, based on the challenges the firm faced and how it is set up.

We would then re-direct this enquiry to the commercial lawyer in that field who would provide more details of the advice and support needed and the costs and processes involved.


The initial meeting would be at no charge. Subsequent, specific areas of advice by the commercial lawyer would be clarified and the charges fully agreed before the work commences. In recognition of the vital role new businesses play in re-energising areas and sectors our charges will be discounted for all participants.

In addition, our range of seminars and business briefings would be available to participants. We have close working relationships with other professional advisers such as accountants, bankers, surveyors and can therefore include these business advisers within our seminar programme.

We want to create long lasting relationships with our commercial clients and we have the experience to give them a one stop shop of experts who are friendly and approachable.

As new arrivals in Canterbury the team at Whitehead Monckton are very excited to be involved in this partnership with the council and look forward to working with new businesses into the future. For more information visit: http://www.whitehead-monckton.co.uk/

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