The Kings Summit Business Conference

The Kings Summit

There is a Law of Success. It’s NOT a secret. It’s a proven formula that has been handed down through the ages from the wisest people to have ever lived from the wisest source of all. Many of the world’s most successful people know this Law – it has thirteen interdependent principles – when applied it guarantees wealth in all its forms. There is no greater evidence of this Law than in the world of business, where past and modern day entrepreneurs share in its success. One of the thirteen principles is to work together with a Mastermind group, sharing your thoughts, skills and resources for mutual benefit.

Masterminds are an essential ingredient to success – it’s why we all attend networking events. But at a networking event – are you applying the right parts of the Law of Success? Do you know the formula? The Kings Summit is a unique business conference that will teach ambitious business owners all thirteen principles. At the conference you will:

  • Be the FIRST in the UK to see key extracts of Think and Grow Rich – The Movie
  • Create your own action plan based on the “13 Principles”
  • Hear directly from millionaire speakers on how they apply the formula
  • Learn How to Master the 13 Principles
  • NETWORK with other like-minded entrepreneurs

The Kings Summit Business Conference will link ambitious entrepreneurs to each other through the art and science of Think and Grow Rich to help you to know the defined Law to Success. You will gain a new understanding of the power of thought and how you can implement the 13 step proven formula to success, used by Sir Richard Branson, Bill Gates, Peter Jones and virtually every successful entrepreneur you can think of.

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