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Fredericks has had a busy start to the new year with lots of new loans going to motivated individuals stimulated by the launch of our Women’s Loan Fund, the ‘New Year, New You’ campaign, and the launch of New Products which mean they can now lend up to £35,000 to people looking to start their own business. Below is one of many success stories from Fredericks Foundation.

Royal Rubber Case Study

Having run businesses in Germany and the UAE for decades, Nick returned to the UK to set up his unique poured rubber flooring business and found that the British banks would not lend to him as he had no domestic credit history.

Nick’s big idea was to offer to stables, kennels and sports studios a totally sealed, hygienic rubber flooring that is unbreakable and dries in seconds. Even better, it comes in any colour you like – recent orders included a milk parlour in yellow, red and blue to mark out different areas of activity; and a lady in Luton who glammed up her stables with some stripes and glitter!

“It’s very difficult for young companies to get started – the banks tell you to come back in three years,” says Nick who used the Frederick’s loan along with his own savings to buy specialist equipment for the rubber flooring product he has developed himself.

It’s paying off, Royal Rubber has a brimming order book with enquiries coming in from abroad. But it’s hard work as a small business growing organically. Nick invented the product and lays the floors, but he simply couldn’t manage if it wasn’t for his wife Jasmine who does the books and orders the materials. “I’m always being complimented on the efficiency of my back office,” says Nick who is looking forward to the day when he can afford to hire some employees to help with the load.

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