East1° – A new Co-working space on Whitstable High Street


What is Co-working all about then?

“The whole idea of co-working is to bring bright, creative people together and let the ideas collide”

Members become part of a community allowing them to work, share, collaborate and grow together. Being in a space with likeminded people who the share the same goal of ‘success’ ensures that small businesses and freelancers can feel part of something bigger.

For many lone or freelance workers, the act of actually ‘going to work’ (rather than the commute to a dining table) can be very empowering.

Co-working isn’t just about increasing productivity (though this is a definite up side) it enables structure and discipline that can be incredibly motivating. Whilst giving you the freedom and independence to work without the distractions of the home office, it’s about flexibility as well as providing defined separation. Ultimately Co-working can potentially offer you the best work:life control.

East1° opened at the Whitstable Castle Gatehouse back in 2015. The new larger prime location on the high street will enable us to grow the community of small businesses, entrepreneurs and freelancers. We are a vibrant, engaging and flexible space with all the trappings of the town, beach and harbour being right on our doorstep.

We already have several exciting businesses in residence, including Singularity Labs, Realising Designs, Josh Willmot, Sketch, Noetika and Promise In People. Their wide range of expertise includes software design, business intelligence, ecommerce, illustration and start-up support working with clients in the UK and international markets.

Working in a space alongside other self-employed, professional and highly motivated members from a diverse mix of sectors facilitates you tapping into a readymade network and knowledge bank (many with genuine high growth start-up experience). We know that working collaboratively can generate ideas and produce truly great work. This can have a positive effect on your own business.

Indeed, at one point in 2017 all our members were working on the same technology project.

This delivered wonderfully against our ethos… Together.is.better.

East1° have flexible membership options to suit any co-working need. Visit our website for more details east1.spaces.nexudus.com or find us on Facebook @east1degree, or just give us a call 01227271014.