Are We Getting Through to You? – Fire and Rescue Campaign

Fire and Rescue Campaign

A campaign to promote the importance of access for large vehicles such as fire engines and refuse trucks on roads where parking is tight has been launched.

The joint campaign by the city council, Kent Fire and Rescue Service (KFRS) and Serco, titled ‘Are we getting through to you?’, aims to make people think about whether a large vehicle would be able to get down the road when they park.

It was launched at an event in Wynn Road, Whitstable, this week. This is the street in the district where residents have the most disruption to their bin collections as a result of refuse trucks being unable to get through.

But as the campaign makes clear, while not having a bin emptied is a minor inconvenience, the potential consequence of a fire engine failing to get access could be a devastating, life-changing experience.

Postcards are being sent to residents in five streets in the district initially – Wynn Road, Regent Street, Clare Road, Roselea Avenue and Sydenham Street – where collections are often delayed by access issues and where fire engines also struggle to get through. The impact will be assessed and the campaign then expanded to other roads.

This work will be backed up by regular messages and videos on the council and fire service’s social media pages and websites.

Chairman of the council’s Community Committee, Cllr Neil Baker, said: “The two vehicles might be pretty much the same size, but the potential impact of them not getting through is very different, and that’s what we’re trying to get across in this campaign. We’d urge people to just take a moment when parking their vehicle to consider whether access is still possible.”

Fire and Rescue CampaignKFRS performance manager James Ledger said: “While we all like to park as close to our homes as possible, we need people to be considerate when parking their vehicles. Take a quick lookaround and make sure that you’ve left enough space for emergency vehicles to get through and remember that a delay reaching a fire could be a matter of life and death.”

Find out more about the campaign.

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