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Green Commute

Anyone who’s actually ridden an e-bike will tell you they are enormous fun and make a non sweaty commute in normal clothes possible. Hills and distance are no problem and you’ll always have the legs for the ride home even after a long day at work.

Quality e-bikes aren’t cheap and for reliable everyday commuting you’re looking at £1,200 upwards. Local reseller BIKETART is delivering the Green Commute Initiative which has just launched. Unlike previous cycle to work schemes there is no £1,000 limit making e-bikes possible and there are no end of scheme fees to reduce employee savings. It’s also normally possible to finance the scheme so employers don’t need to find any cash and employers can also make tax savings.

Employees can still save up to 42% and pay monthly making a £1,200 bike as little as £29 per month, less than many commuters already pay. Rob Howes, Managing Director of the Green Commute Initiative said “We want more commuters to enjoy the freedom of e-bike commuting instead of horrible, frustrating car journeys. Academic research shows people who have an e-bike use their cars 20% less and that can only be a good thing.

Better air quality and less congestion benefits everyone and although the majority of use should be commuting, e-bikes are really fun for leisure time and at weekends. “Gabor Horvath from BIKETART said “e-bike usage is huge on the continent. Our local terrain with its short sharp hills is even more suited to e-bike commuting. Our e-bike designs are really slick and since you can wear normal clothes you’ll arrive looking very cool and stylish. No need for lycra or getting hot and sweaty!

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