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Canterbury is a Creative Centre for Photographer Tim Stubbings

Tim Stubbings

If you’re looking for creative and commercial photographs of the local area or your business look no further than the wonderful creative talent of StartMyBiz and GrowMyBiz Sponsor, Tim Stubbings. Here’s what he has to say about his photography work:

Opening his commercial photography studio in Canterbury was the natural location for Tim Stubbings.

“Although my work took me from Scotland to Sweden last year, my creative home is in Canterbury.

I arrived there as a student in 1989 and despite periods of infidelity (living and working in Eastbourne, Nottingham, and London) I came back in 1998 and set up the commercial studio in 2014.

The campaign, advertising and other commercial photography I do is still 50% rooted in Kent with strong links with Canterbury. The University of Kent was my first ever paying client (they still are!) and Canterbury City Council were kind enough in the early years to entrust me with some of their tourism and cultural marketing campaigns.

The Marlowe Theatre, Canterbury Festival and Shepherd Neame are all valued relationships and sources of ongoing interesting types of work. Porchlight has been a nominated charity since 2008 and I’ve been happy to support them with annual report and marketing pictures to promote their campaigns.

I shoot mostly for businesses (headshots, marketing images, advertising – anything that businesses and organisations require really) but also work with models, stylists and portrait customers.

Although I’d not a landscape photographer, the coastline and countryside we have in the region has always been a source of interest, inspiration and relaxation and I know I can take it for granted. It’s also formed the backdrop for some of our campaign work for agencies and local businesses.

If you had to sum up what I do either on location or at the studio, it’s to make what you do, what you make or what you are look better tomorrow than it does today.”

Visit http://timstubbings.com/

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