Don’t Wait For Brexit – Bilingual Partnership Offers Kent Firms a Helping Hand to Trade in France Now


Brexit uncertainty may be putting off Kent firms from doing business in France.

But two experienced businessmen – one from France, the other from Kent – have teamed up to help them now, ahead of Brexit in 2019 and before cross-Channel trade becomes more challenging.

French-speaking Richard Romain, who lived in Maidstone for many years before moving to France, and Rochester-based English speaker Francois Reynier, have created a joint venture called Bridge.

They have set up Bridge to advise firms that are interested in trading with French clients but worry that language and cultural barriers make it too difficult.

Francois, who was born in Nice, has been in Britain since 1994 when he came to study graphic design and branding.  

Now creative director of Acacia UK, a brand-building business in the Innovation Centre Medway, Francois said: “There is a lot of anxiety surrounding Brexit. Richard and I thought it was a good time to help businesses while the door is still open. As nothing has changed yet, it’s a good time to start.

“There are also worries about exporting to France because of the language and cultural difference. We ease all the difficulty and the little niggles. Bridge is about hand-holding for as long or as much as the client needs or wants.”

He said there was strong demand for British products in France where UK design was well regarded.

“After Brexit, I can tell you for sure that it won’t be the same and won’t be easier. There will be difficulties for certain industries. There may be tariffs or tax. But the businesses that are going to win are those willing to go the extra mile. We will help them go the extra mile.”

Richard said: “Bridge combines the 50 years of experience of a French business advisor in Kent and a Kentish specialist in France. We are both bilingual and happy to help any business that would like to do business in France. And the best time is to do it now – before Brexit.”


Please contact Francois Reynier on 07850 380 230 or email:

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