Jack Peilow – Beards of Whitstable

Jack Peilow

Jack Peilow (local photographer) and the Sheriff of Canterbury at his private viewing of his exhibition Beards of Whitstable. The private viewing was very successful and Jack received some great comments on his work.

Beards of Whitstable is a photographic series shot in 2013 that features portraiture of strangers I met and friends I knew while stood outside the studio I used to work at. The theme came half way through the weeks as I shot the series. Originally it was going to be just the interesting faces around Whitstable, however, as time went on the series gravitated mainly toward facial hair. The exhibition is open daily from 12 July until Tuesday 18 July at the Horsebridge in Whitstable.

Jack has been supported by StartMyBiz and this is his first exhibition.

To find out more about the exhibition or Jacks other work contact Jack@Jackpeilow.com or visit his website www.jackpeilow.com

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