Perfect Pitch – The StartMyBiz Boot Camp Finale Hits the Right Note with Entrepreneurs

ON A HIGH after a succession of impressive, high octane business events, Canterbury’s local entrepreneurs had high expectations for the StartMyBiz Boot Camp grand finale as Global Entrepreneurship Week drew to a close last week. The group of budding entrepreneurs were not disappointed as a team of business experts offered up excellent advice and practical skills coaching at the highly informative Pitching Den event. With no dragons or lions in sight, the StartMyBiz Pitching Den created a relaxed, calm space where local entrepreneurs with business ideas could learn how best to present themselves and their ideas in person.


In the morning attendees were divided into 2 small groups to discuss the secrets of delivering the perfect pitch in any business situation, from hiring and getting hired to securing finance and investment. This was followed by a practice session and a networking lunch leading up to the highlight of the day as each attendee delivered their pitch to the panel of experts and received up to 20 minutes in feedback.


The impressive team of experts included Tony Avery of Creative Corporate Solutions, the Chairman of the Canterbury CityPartnership Bob Jones and Michael Rutherford from Quanta VC. As if this dynamic team of coaches wasn’t enough the Boot Camp delegates had the honour of being coached by surprise guest Liam Gooding from ( who popped into Boot Camp to say hello and very kindly gave up his entire afternoon to give his insights into the perfect pitch.


The panel of experts gave some great advice to the up and coming business brains of Canterbury. Bob Jones top 3 tips for a successful pitch are short and sweet and effective, Know what you want to achieve; know your product and know your audience. Tony Avery advocates Seeing your products and services from a potential buyers perspective and being able to give absolute clarity of the benefits.  Michael Rutherford cited the highlight of the Pitching Den day as seeing the visible sense of achievement and reward on the faces of the participants as their confidence grew during the sessions. When asked why he became involved in StartMyBiz Michael went on to acknowledge the vital role the Project plays in the local community. The strength of ‘StartMyBiz’ is that it engages business leaders in a no-nonsense, real world approach to guide, develop and actively encourage new business talent to realize their ambitions” he said. He added with obvious passion, We all talk about the need to see a more vibrant, dynamic and diverse local business community. It’s time to stop talking, take the task to hand and join those leading from the front.


The entrepreneurs were delighted with the Pitching Den event and paid great tribute to the organiser and the experts who spent the day coaching them. As local businessman Richard Murray observed It was great to get the opportunity to discuss my business idea with such a wide variety experts in the business field. Not only did we learn how to put a pitch forward to investors but how to pitch your services to businesses that are going to use your services. Attendee Helen Cumming also had nothing but praise for the event adding. This has been a fantastic opportunity to gain information very quickly, make contacts for further support and a great confidence builder.


If you would like the opportunity to benefit from StartMyBiz Canterbury’s future events and initiatives and you need help kickstarting your brilliant business idea you can contact Project Leader Natalia Sukhram on

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