Andrew Craddock

I have helped hundreds of businesses get the most cash they can to help them survive and thrive. It is hard for business owners to find the right finance solutions from the many lenders on the market, and my experience can help them find the right lenders quickly, and also how to get the application and paperwork right to achieve faster access to the money.

Areas I can cover: Kent, South London, West End & City, East Sussex

Industry experience: Generalist SME business

Key skills: Finance, Strategy, Management Structure

Business sizes I work with: 2-100 employees, turnover up to £15/20m

How my friends would describe me: Friendly, Loyal, Positive

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Matt Perkins

I have a worked with lots of businesses, particularly retail, food, drinks, tech and manufacturing. Day to day I enjoy helping businesses analyse their key growth opportunities to improve their business plans, access new business contacts and improve marketing and sales results.

Areas I can cover: Herts, Surrey, Kent, Sussex, Essex, London

Industry experience: Retail, Finance, Tech, Media, Creative

Key skills: Sales, Focus, Strategy planning

Business sizes I work with: 1 to 15 employees, up to £10M revenue per annum

How my friends would describe me: Friendly, Engaging, Positive


Rebecca Partridge

I help businesses grow through giving them the right business plan and the right financial information to help them drive the best activities and results. I enjoy advising a variety of businesses on how to set up and build their accounts and finance department efficiently and with cost efficiency. Anything from growth strategies, to credit control processes, sales and cashflow forecasting and management information perhaps to support applications for bank or equity finance. My experiences also involve advising companies on merger, acquisition and exit strategies.

Areas I can cover: South East England and London

Industry experience: Owner managed businesses. Doesn’t matter about sector

Key skills: Getting people to change their behaviour and start behaving as an investor in their business. Business plan, translating strategy in to a business model, financial structuring, fundraising, financial directing, monthly review and communication at board level

Business sizes I work with: Start up to around £5m turnover – usually I fit in at first fundraising stage

How my friends would describe me: Loyal, Listener, Speaks Out

Richard Weaver

My skills and background are based on helping people and businesses be more structured and organised with their time, and also how to get the best out of those around them. There is always lots to do as a business owner and lots of opportunity, so I enjoy helping people be more time efficient, getting more done in less time.

Areas I can cover: London, Kent, Surrey

Industry experience: Security, Furniture, Recruitment, Public Sector

Key skills: Management, Strategy, Communication, Team building, Management training, Coaching

Business sizes I work with: 1 to 200 employees up to £30M revenue per annum

How my friends would describe me: Confident, Thoughtful, Loyal


Daryl Woodhouse

I help businesses grow by helping improve their growth plans, and focusing them on the right activities required to get the desired results. Having worked with businesses across all sectors, I enjoy sharing my successes in lean growth strategies, surrounding yourself with the right staff and business suppliers, and focused business development.

Areas I can cover: Kent & London

Industry experience: Retail, Creative, Finance, Professional services, Design, Manufacturing

Key skills: Strategic planning & implementation, People development, Collaboration, Leadership-Management training, Sales coaching, Marketing & Business Development, Facilitated networking, Performance Management, Influencing & negotiation skills training

Business sizes I work with: 1 to 300 employees. £50M turnover

How my friends would describe me: Driven, Creative Entrepreneur, Friendly family man, Collaborative


Steve Jessop

My passion stems from helping businesses in the UK and Internationally to make more money over the last 30 years. Building focused and targeted sales, customer retention and marketing plans, and training the key staff on the skills required to get the results; gaining more leads, and converting more of them into long term profitable customers.

Areas I can cover: London & South East England generally. Happy to discuss working further afield if there are good positive reasons for it.

Industry experience: Any B2B sector business

Key skills: Top-to-bottom sales organisation improvement, Sales-related coaching & training from board level downwards, Leading change, Preparation of sales planning & support tools, Presenting, speaking & facilitating, Advising on people & management matters, Recruitment/job and person specification, Reward & incentivisation, Interim management

Business sizes I work with: All sizes of organisation from niche businesses to household name multi-nationals

How my friends would describe me: Insightful, Engaging, Thorough