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Matt Perkins

I have a worked with lots of businesses, particularly retail, food, drinks, tech and manufacturing. Day to day I enjoy helping businesses analyse their key growth opportunities to improve their business plans, access new business contacts and improve marketing and sales results.

Areas I can cover: Herts, Surrey, Kent, Sussex, Essex, London

Industry experience: Retail, Finance, Tech, Media, Creative

Key skills: Sales, Focus, Strategy planning

Business sizes I work with: 1 to 15 employees, up to £10M revenue per annum

How my friends would describe me: Friendly, Engaging, Positive


Daryl Woodhouse

I help businesses grow by helping improve their growth plans, and focusing them on the right activities required to get the desired results. Having worked with businesses across all sectors, I enjoy sharing my successes in lean growth strategies, surrounding yourself with the right staff and business suppliers, and focused business development.

Areas I can cover: Kent & London

Industry experience: Retail, Creative, Finance, Professional services, Design, Manufacturing

Key skills: Strategic planning & implementation, People development, Collaboration, Leadership-Management training, Sales coaching, Marketing & Business Development, Facilitated networking, Performance Management, Influencing & negotiation skills training

Business sizes I work with: 1 to 300 employees. £50M turnover

How my friends would describe me: Driven, Creative Entrepreneur, Friendly family man, Collaborative


How to start a retail business

Starting up in business can be both demanding and rewarding, and for those looking to establish themselves in the world of retail the choice can present unique challenges. There is the initial decision over whether to establish the business as either a bricks-and-mortar operation, or whether to go completely online.

Tips for your business: